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March Madness

Hello Friends!

It's hard to believe that it is that time again, but another year has passed and we are back into March. Every year, we here at PHFTC use this month to celebrate how this ministry started in March of 2003 when Ramona first traveled over to Romania for a 6 month mission trip to work in an orphanage! Since then so much has happened and forever changed the trajectory of Ramona's life. This year as our ministry is entering its 19th year, we are joyful over the expansion into Puerto Rico and anxious over Romania's proximity to Ukraine. Either way, there are children and foundations to be helped and we are committed to serving them no matter what. And, of course, none of that could happen without you the donors! Thank you for passion, generosity, and compassion! All this month, we will be hosting a fundraiser on our Facebook page and we will be sending out updates here so you can hear interesting stories, updates, and see pictures of what your partnership has accomplished! So keep reading...

News from Romania

The plan has been for Ramona to make her work trip this year, possibly in May. With the Russian invasion, obviously, we will have to be flexible and wise on if this will happen or not. Ukrainians are already pouring across the border in Romania and many of Ramona's friends and partner foundations are helping and housing. PHFTC is ready to assist our friends with needed supplies for these homeless women and children! If you want to donate specifically for supplies for this, please mark your gift Ukrainian Crisis.

Our concern with this crisis is also that there will be shortages so in anticipation of that, we have ordered an extra large order for our Pediatric Hospital in Sibiu and having it delivered this week. We don't want the hospital or the social babies to suffer in any way because of this issue.

Please, keep in prayer Cornelia, our nurse in Sibiu and Andrea, our Outreach Coordinator in Oradea as they are so close to the borders. War planes are patrolling the skies and refueling in Romanian airspace, an ever present sound of uncertainty in their world. Pray for peace and safety.

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News from Puerto Rico

Ramona and Kristen just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico, in which they took their children with them to experience serving with the ministry and the culture of PR. Ramona's children, Denis and Katelyn helped choose books for the children to be distributed at the Hospital del Ninos and Children's Home. They also, assisted with the purchasing of supplies for the pediatric hospital in addition to plants, soil, rocks, and other gardening supplies for the new Agricultural Club at the Afterschool Program we help.

Kristen's niece and Ramona's husband, Jack watched the children and helped at the School for the Deaf, where the team stayed. All the children, pitched in by loading and unloading the supplies from vehicles on numerous occasions, as well delivering the supplies, and playing with the foster children at the group home. It was such a blessing to have our families around us and participating in the activities, as well as, seeing the culture and beauty of the island. (We even had extra time to relax and refresh ourselves at the end of the trip!)

While staying at the Christian School for the Deaf, we were able to visit with Henry, the student PHFTC sponsors. He has now been able to attend the school for almost tow years, thanks to the generous support of two of our PHFTC families! Many of you remember Henry's sad background on foster care and the abuse and neglect it entailed. This trip, we were delighted to see him progressing slowly academically, feeling more relaxed and safe at the school and at his foster home, and his smile when he saw us return. We are so grateful that we can be a part of his education and life right now!

News from Puerto Rico

Prayers & Praises

  1. Pray for success for our March Madness Fundraiser
  2. Pray for peace in Ukraine and an end to this aggression.
  3. Pray for the children that are witnessing the horrors of war and how it will affect them.
  4. Pray for wisdom on planning a trip to Romania and purchasing all the needed supplies for our hospital and partners there.
  5. Praise that the trip to PR went so smoothly and we were able to purchase so many supplies for children in care.
  6. Praise that we have so many faithful donors! Our monthly donors really make a difference!
  7. Praise that we have been able to order the hospital supplies for Sibiu now before there are any delays.

Financial Status

We are currently hoping to raise $2000 in general fund money by the end of the month with our March Madness Fundraiser on Facebook and another $2000 for the Ukrainian Crisis Fund, which will allow us to assist our partners too without taking from our regular budgeted amount!

If you would like to help, please visit us at our website at www.projecthopeforthechildren.org or click on our links below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also send a tax deductible donation to the address below.

Ukranian Crisis Fund
Our Mission

Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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