Care Catalog

​Your donations supply essential items to support PHFTC staff
in caring for young children and needy families.
You can make a general donation or choose specific supplies.

Baby Bath Towel

Baby Bath Towels provided by Project Hope for The Children for the daily baths of infants in our partner hospitals.

Baby Bath Towel $7.00

1 Baby Bath Towel- 30 RON

Bath Package

Bath Package items purchased in Romania by Project Hope For The Children staff.

Bath Package $20.00

1 bottle of Lice shampoo - 45 RON
1 bottle of Baby shampoo- 15 RON
1 bottle of Baby lotion - 12 RON
1 bottle of Baby oil - 10 RON

Diaper Package

Our Diaper Package is our most used grouping of items used in the hospitals and with our partner foundations.

Diaper Package $25.00

1 package of Diapers - 68 RON
1 package of Crib protectors -16 RON
1 package of Wipes-8 RON


Project Hope For The Children staff provides toys to engage children in stimulating play.

Toy $5.00

1 Toy or Stuffed Animal- 20 RON

Cereal Package

Cereal Package: Extra nutrition is important to help babies in hospital thrive.

Cereal Package $12.00

3 Boxes of Cereal- 50 RON

Laundry Package

Laundry Package: Keeping babies' clothes and bedding clean helps keep them happy and healthy.

Laundry Package ​$12.00

1 bottle of Detergent - 35 RON
1 bottle of Fabric Softener -15 RON


Each child takes home a book when they leave the hospital as many have no books of their own.

Book $2.50

1 Book- 10 RON

Hygienic Package

Items used by our employee in one of the hospitals as well as in the group homes in our partner foundations.

Hygienic Package $10.00

1 roll of Paper towels -16 RON
1 roll of Toilet Paper - 16 RON
1 box of Kleenex -6 RON

Cleaning Package

Cleaning Package: these supplies help staff keep everything tidy and healthy.

Cleaning Package $15.00

1 bottle of Alcohol Sanitar-4 RON
1 bottle of Chlorine - 5 RON
1 bottle of Sanytol disinfectant spray - 15 RON
1 bottle of Sanytol disinfectant floor- 18 RON
1 bottle of Liquid soap - 20 RON