Summer Edition

PHFTC Update ~ Summer Edition

Hello Friends, Ramona here!

Much has happened since I last updated and I apologize for the silence. Family life sometimes becomes a priority and we have had many major things going on including the addition of a sweet, foster baby that has had a very tough start in life. All in all, we are managing with lots of prayers and grace. In May, I traveled to Romania for my annual work trip to purchase supplies, work in the hospital, visit with our Partners, and minister to the Ukrainian Refugees. So many blessings this trip and very sobering on how quickly our lives can change.

News from Romania

PHFTC was once again able to bless multiple foundations with supplies for their missions! Today I will share with you about the NGO Humanitas/ Romanian Relief. We bought food and hygiene products for the group homes in Tinca where medically and emotionally disabled children live. At least one of these children, I cared for in the hospital many years ago and was rescued and placed in the homes. I met with their Director and shared in her concerns, stressors, and joys she had over the past year. We were also able to help them with food and supplies that were being taken over the border into Ukraine to a makeshift orphanage for special needs children.

This last part was due to a sweet donor, who gave a substantial donation to PHFTC. She really wanted it to be used for orphans, but knew that the need of the Ukrainian Refugees was great, as well. In the end, she gave the gift without any strings attached and surrendered the gift to God. Of course, He already had a plan and that was for PHFTC to buy items from a list for orphans that had been moved from Western Ukraine to Eastern Ukraine and were set up in an old school! This gift killed two birds with one stone as the saying goes!

Andrea, our Romanian Outreach Coordinator, and I visited our pediatric hospital in Sibiu where we found a sweet 8 year old girl now a resident of the hospital. Ten months earlier she had drunk cleaning solution from a water bottle and her esophagus had been almost completely destroyed. The doctors in Bucharest had put a port in her stomach, but had no other training or ability to do more. She was then sent back to Sibiu to live in the hospital.

When we met little Codruta, her sparkling eyes and sweet smile immediately captured us, but after hearing her story, we became determined to give this little girl her life back! We are looking for a specialist in Europe or UK that would take this case on pro bono and do the complicated surgery of creating a new esophagus. Recently, Andrea met a German nurse, who knows a doctor in Germany that might be useful. We are trying to get the medical records translated and sent to them. Please pray that we can help this remarkable child with a new life!

Updates from Romania

News from Puerto Rico

In February, a group of us from PHFTC with our children, traveled to Puerto Rico and visited with our Sponsored Education Student, Henry. What a change we saw from one year to the next and all for the positive! We also started a pen pal club with Henry and some of the other kids at the school.

This year along with our children, Vice Chair, Kristen and I shopped for the pediatric hospital in San Juan. We loaded cart after cart with supplies from their list! For some reason , we kept finding more of a certain size diaper and I kept insisting that we would buy all we found. The kids teased me about it. LOL However, a few days later, as we were delivering the supplies, a helper at the hospital excitedly ran over to the Directora while we were speaking. He gladly announced that they were almost out of that size diaper and we had delivered sooo many of them! What a praise that we could help in such a small way!

Car Load of Diappers

Prayers & Praises

Please pray for our upcoming Fundraisers!

We have our Teen Rockathon coming up in September! All teens welcome to come and rock and have fun while raising money for a great cause! Please send us an email for more information.

We have been blessed by the new churches that have invited me to speak and have helped PHFTC financially!

We are hoping to send a small team to Romania in the Fall to work with the Ukrainian Refugees and minister to the directors there and we will need funding.

Financial Status

We are currently hoping to raise $10,000 by the end of the year with our fundraisers and individual giving! If you would like to help please visit us at our website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram or send a tax deductible donation to the address below.

Join our Rock-a-thon to benefit Project Hope for the Children September 24th from 4pm - midnight Brink a rockking chair and snack to share!
Our Mission

Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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