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March Madness

Hello Friends,

I wanted to remind you that we have one more day left on our March Madness Fundraiser! Our goal has been $5000 and with your help we have reached $4,885 through our Facebook fundraiser and donations via our website and check. Please help us reach our goal before tomorrow night and read below to see how that money is already being put to use aiding Ukrainian victims and refugees. - Memo MM/Ukraine

News from Romania

In Oradea, there have many hundreds of refugees coming into the city. Some to stay and many others in transit to other countries, where family or friends await them. They arrive by the busload, tired, dirty, and sad. Families without fathers come and orphans by the dozen. However, I have been so blessed to see how the Romanian people, so accustomed to receiving help themselves, have given of their time, possessions, and money to help their neighbors in need.

In addition, many of the foundations that we partner with have been helping too and PHFTC has been able to aid the effort through them! In the past few weeks, as we have been raising money through March Madness, PHFTC has paid for $1500 worth of medical supplies to be taken into Ukraine and delivered to hospitals there desperate for medicines by We have also purchased $1500 worth of food and hygiene products to our friends at as they have taken in refugee mamas and children and are giving them a safe place to stay. Here is an excerpt from how they were blessed by the supplies:

They’ve been using pasta, cereal, milk and everything of course, but one neat thing was that a lady asked, “Are the shampoos in the rooms for us to use?” When she found out they were for them, she began crying and said, “I haven’t had shampoo in a month!” It’s the little things that are definitely making such a big difference….more than we can imagine I think. The mothers who have been cooking their children pasta when they need it have mentioned that they are beginning to feel like themselves again, and they are thankful to cook for their children and have a routine.

Your donations truly make a difference!

Updates from Romania

In Sibiu, Cornelia and Andrea worked on a list for the pediatric hospital and we ordered it quickly before the Ukrainian Crisis could cause any supply issues. We ordered extra to ensure that the babies would not run out of supplies if the conflict gets worse.

Also in Sibiu is, the orphanage where our November Service Team stayed and who we have helped a bit before. They have been actively gathering donations, taking them across the order into Ukraine, and transporting refugees back. We placed an online order and sent underwear, socks, towels, sheets, and feminine products to be used by these displaced families and they were taken to Ukraine by van.

All of this has occurred because of your generosity! Thank you!

Ramona is hoping to make her annual trip over in May to visit our partners and hospital, hold the babies, encourage the directors and refugees, and purchase the typical supplies needed for a year.

News from Puerto Rico

In news from Puerto Rico, we have been corresponding with our Sponsored student at the Deaf School. He is writing some of us letters in Spanish and doing a great job at it!

Please be in prayer for him as he learns more and more about the love of God and how it is unconditional~ something he has rarely experienced.

News from Puerto Rico

Prayers & Praises

  • We need prayer for good airline tickets and safety for Ramona as she travels.
  • Ramona's children need a sitter while she is traveling in the afternoons.
  • Prayer that our March Madness Fundraiser would exceed our expectations so we can continue to serve.
  • Prayers as Ramona starts her fundraising schedule again.
  • New churches and individuals would get involved.
  • We are giving thanks for the amount of money that has come in through this fundraiser and how we have been able to bless the poor and needy of Ukraine because of it!
  • Praise for a successful trip to Puerto Rico
  • Praise that our sponsored student is doing better!

Financial Status

We need to raise $5000 for the March Madness Fundraiser in which all monies are being used for the Ukrainian Crisis.

Additional monies to come in for the general budget to care for our other Projects.

Van Load
Our Mission

Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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