May is the month that has a lot of meanings for me. In NY, where I live, it is the beginning of Spring, it is the beginning of fundraising for Project Hope for the Children and it is also Foster Parent Appreciation Month. For my husband and I that has a great deal of significance as we are foster…
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The Nurses ~ A Tribute

When I first started at the hospital, my Romanian was very poor. I could speak a little and understood even less. The poor nurses spoke almost nill. This was a very frustrating situation and added some tension to the situation. At first I thought that the nurses were just heartless. I mean really… who could…
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1,000 Pageviews!

I like numbers~ I like to compare them, add them (especially if working with money) statisticize them (I know that’s not a word) and remember them! Therefore, I have to admit that I am super-excited to see that I have reached 1,000 page views! That might not be a lot in Blog history~ but I…
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A Typical Day

My days quickly took on a routine at the hospital. Some days I was with someone and some days I was alone, but there was so much to do that every day became a blur. I felt possessed by the situation; the hopelessness of it. I often would start awake at night from the empty…
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The Journey part 4

….Sitting in that hot, smelly room and holding the tiny frame of one of the babies, was a turning point in my life. I came face to face with real need in this world. I felt it was almost like watching a World War II documentary of the Holocaust and seeing the casualties caused by…
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Dear Friends, Please pray for Alina, my friend that the ministry pays to work with the babies and distribute the supplies. She works in the Premature Ward and has had the care of one special 3 month old baby for the past several weeks. The doctors examined this little one and the diagnosis was poor.…
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The Journey Part 3

They say a picture paints a thousand words and how I wish I could show you pictures~ complete with sounds and scents of the early days in the hospital. However, because the hospital I work in is a State hospital and the children are in the State’s care I cannot show pictures that would in…
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An Update from Ramona

Happy Easter!!! ( a little early) This time of year is always exciting for me as I remember what Christ did for us, as well as the anticipation of Spring! Also this year marks the tenth anniversary of me traveling to Romania and starting the ministry in the hospital! So many of you have been…
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The Journey part 2

3 months later Spring turned to Summer and I was at home in Romania. God had blessed me with a decent landlord, a good apartment, great co-workers and many protective friends. I was learning the language and the culture enjoying city life. My work at the “Baby House” was going well. Before leaving the States,…
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Ten Years – The Journey Part 1

Ten years ago I traveled to Romania to work at a small Christian orphanage for a six month term. It was during that time that my eyes were opened to the need of abandoned and needy children in that country and where my work in the hospital began as well. I was 23 years old…
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Our Mission

Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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