Update From Romania – August 30, 2013

Hi Friends! Just a quick update to let you know how this trip is going. We have been busy catching up with jobs, meetings and seeing friends. Yesterday, Jack and I went out to Tinca, a town about 40km from Oradea. There we toured two foundations that are run by women I know and hope…
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Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Eagerness and anticipation fill our van along with about 275lbs of luggage,  2 children and 2 weary adults! We are headed to NYC as I type and prepared to take the 10pm flight that will eventually lead us to Romania some 22 hours later! We all still have our sinus/ear infections, but are feeling better due…
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“The Circle of Love”

This Spring as I lined up my speaking engagements for the year, I wondered what I would say to encourage people and show them how grateful I am for their interest and support. My mind wandered down many paths until it remembered a devotional I had read earlier in the year. It focused on the passage in…
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Only 46 days until I am home in Romania! Can you tell how excited I am? A dear friend of mine and her family are traveling over today so I think that has me extra eager to get there! But there is still so much to do between now and then, so I must be content to…
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Joy Unspeakable

June 28th 2012 was a very special day for me! It was the day that our son became ours~ completely! One year has passed and I cannot believe it! Adoption has always been my dream since I was just a wee one myself; caring for my dolls! To see my son growing up, mischievous as…
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Love from Lauren

This a guest post from a very dear friend of mine. I believe that if we had not gone through “Romania” together we would have dismissed each other as friends~ and what a tragedy that would be! Hi, my name is Tigger! Well, only if you know of my friendship with dear Mona, would you…
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I tend to deal with money frequently~ our personal budget and bills, other people’s finances, Project Hope’s donations~ as a past bank cashier it’s a good fit. With all of that said, I am always Thankful when the money comes in. I don’t need to be rolling in money, but being able to pay the…
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On the Road Again!

Romania! That word always sends tingles down my spine and a quiver of happiness in my tummy! I love being in Romania, working with the babies, seeing old friends and walking the streets… I love how I’m so different there. I lose the stress and learn to trust more on God’s strength. For those who know…
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A Mother’s Heart

With Mother’s Day being last week, I was busy thinking about who I could send messages to that day. I sent them to many of my “mommy friends”, but my thoughts drifted to the many women I know that have not physically had children or even been able to adopt children. Yet I know their…
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Through Abbey’s Eyes

In my past Posts, I mentioned my friend Abbey, who accompanied me to the hospital the first day. I asked her to write about what she felt on her first day. Incidentally, she remembered things that I had forgotten so I enjoyed reading it, as well! Thanks Abbey! June 2003 I had been warned. I…
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Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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