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Hello Friends,

My time in Romania has been passing all too Quickly! I have in my head Written year update many times, but finding the time to get it down and sent has been Another thing. The travel Went smoothly excepting the moment at the Hungarian / Romanian border where are the guards realized that I had never been stamped into the EU! Neither France nor Hungary had made a note in my passport. The guard wanted to know how I had gotten into the country .. Hmm .. maybe beamed in. I presented my boarding passes, Which thankfully I had my driver and verified That Kept He had picked me up at the airport in Budapest. I Received a Romanian stamp and We Were on our way again!

I have been in the Hospital in Oradea Several times last week and found That We Were very low on children, Which is a good thing really. We had none for a while on Alina's ward the then one child Before we left for Sibiu. I met with the doctors on 7th floor, sat in on one of the ward's Premature lectures to medical students and doctors Went shopping for supplies.

I Located a reputable rental car company finally the Day Before We Were to leave for Sibiu and secured year Automatic car !! I was so thankful to have it as the steep and winding roads Were the drivers and the Jersey and NY drivers put to shame! The ride to Sibiu WAS Gorgeous! We drove through the Carpathian Mountains and awed by the beauty Were God created!

In Sibiu, We Were greeted with 22 children and spent Several hours feeding, changing and playing with Those children! We are now starting to supply the large preschool ward and Will begin to purchase diapers for Them soon. Upon Entering the ward, we found cleanliness, but sparseness. WAS A tv in the corner and I found one book and taped up the truck with missing parts. Those Were the only toys for children 2-6 years of age. In the other rooms in the same predictament Were babies and little ones rocking back in forth in Were effort to stumulate Themselves year. I tear up everytime I have seen this in the past twelve years. Politica simple thing to Provide for a child as our own toy boxes of can attest to, but Hardly on the top ten here. We Went right out and Purchased about $ 200 Worth of books and toys for the hospital. Weare Hoping That Will the nurses have the time to make sure the children each have the toys in bed with Them! Cornelia, our stock is doing a great job liaison distributing the supplies and we have great Faith That She Will see to the toys as well!

After a weekend of visiting castles and learning Some more about the history of Romania, Ali and I are now back in Oradea! We have three children and there is now on Premature on 7th March. Two Of Those children have been deemed to have year incurable Some sort of disability. No One Seems to know what, apart obviously do THEY That not get enough food or excercise. When That Happens State of can put the little ones in Orphanages THESE required Before the age of two. Needless to say, That after Several years there, THEY do have a disability and Will not Be Able to function as Normally Because of the neglect adult year. My heart heavy WAS yesterday as I listened to this and looked into the faces of These sweet boys! Please pray That Could Be A and S Placed in foster homes INSTEAD !!

We are finishing up our buying here today for our hospital and have a list from Romanian Relief for Their Needs in Their major foster and group homes Which is: food, diapers and clothes ... Sucha things really simple, but donating When it is down Makes it difficult to purchase. Thank you for supporting Project Hope That We Can so well so do all we do in Providing That the hospital for babies and supporting other ministries great! What you do is so important!

I try to post pictures on our Facebook page Almost daily so join us there and like us to see what we have up to! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Project-Hope-for-the-Children-Inc/ 146117805560061? __ nodl


PS. Apparently, my tablet feels the need to change my sentences and capitalize half the words. I have rewritten this a few times and it keeps happening so please excuse the interesting layout!

Romania Updates 2015
Romania Updates 2015
Romania Updates 2015
Romania Updates 2015
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