March Madness 2018

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Happy March Everyone!

I hope everyone's winter has been going well and this will be the last month of snow for most of us! My family and I had the privilege of going to Thailand for two weeks and we so enjoyed the warmth and sun there! But now we have returned just in time for our annual fundraising time! Before I explain a little more about this month's fundraising, here is a brief update of what we have been doing at Project Hope for the Children the past several months.

This past year saw us grow, as the Lord gently led us to help in new ways in Romania! We were able to hire one part time maternal assistant in our Sibiu Hospital~ the only worker for an average of 30 social babies! It is going well and we are hoping to add another worker this year,if we can find someone qualified! PHFTC also was able to increase the salary of our longtime employee, Alina, who supervises our projects so beautifully!

We were able to assist two different foundations with their openings of an after school care facility and preschool respectively. We donated supplies of food and items to help them get up and going and we love seeing the faces of these children as they are introduced to new ideas such as: hygiene, proper food, God's Word, educational instruction, etc.

We also continued to help our two other regular foundations with diapers, wipes, food and cleaning supplies for their orphan homes and Gypsy projects! As usual,we aided other foundations in the hospital in Oradea when they lack the money to buy supplies for their social babies, and,of course, our primary goal of funding our wards in the Oradea and Sibiu Hospitals with every baby essential you can think of!

 With all that going on, it is time I return and purchase the supplies, reconnect with the hospital staff and foundation directors and check on our employees, as well as cuddle as many babies as the hospital allows! The dates are March 25- June 8th!

Sooo... that brings us to our annual March Madness Fundraiser! If you are not familiar with it, let me explain how it started. March was the month I moved to Romania so many years ago and so I enjoy dedicating a month of online fundraising to help meet our budget before my Spring trip! This year it is the 15 year anniversary of working in orphan care in Romania. This is such a huge milestone for myself and PHFTC and I cannot tell you how incredibly blessed I have been because of this ministry!

This month, I will be sending out many more mailings and posting pictures and information on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please join in, contribute, donate and share with your friends about this foundation and what we do! Because it is our 15th year, would you consider giving in amounts divisible by 15, such as: $15 ,$30, $45, $115 etc.

You can do so immediately by clicking on our PayPal link here .

You can also go to our website and donate via the link and make reacurring donations (And yes, it works this year:)

Also, if you haven't seen us on FB or Instagram come check us out. I post as many pictures as possible on these sites.

I'm excited about this month and about this year ahead of us! Thank you for your support!


The purpose of orphan care isn't to make us feel like a savior, but to lead them to THE savior.
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Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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