An Update!

Hello Everyone!

I promised you a couple of weeks ago that I would bring you up to speed on things that have been happening with PHFTC! Life has been hectic so I am just getting around to writing this and am thrilled to share!

I have been deeply blessed by my Board Members- Aileen, Rick, Amy, and Debbi! We have been busy setting up a budget, writing our bi-laws and making decisions. One of our biggest decisions  has been to set up a 501c3 for Project Hope for the Children! This has been a step that I have contemplated many times, but have felt too overwhelmed to do on my own. With the help of our Treasurer/CPA and Julie, our attorney we are going to proceed! Please pray that this next step goes smoothly as we transition from being under PCC to our own non-profit. Stay tuned for me on this!

March has kicked off our 2014 Fundraising and Project 11 on 11 is still going on! We have had a good start with 3 people promising $11 a month for a year. Another person donated $100 and one of my churches chose PHFTC to donate over $480! Still looking for at least 7 more people to join in this month! You can donate from anywhere in the world by clicking on the PayPal button on the Homepage on our website or mailing a check to PCC, 6983 Chase Rd. Fabius, NY 13063 -Memo line Project Hope for the Children.

Some more exciting news is that we have been asked by a nurse in another pediatric hospital in Romania to donate diapers and wipes so she can help the abandoned babies warehoused there. This hospital is just like ours was 10 years ago. The babies are languishing with no diapers, wipes, baths, decent food or clothes. The hospital does not even have water some days. We are going to have several boxes of diapers and a few of wipes sent to her and see how the arrangement works. In the summer, I am hoping to gain permission to enter this hospital and see what else can be done for these little ones!

And lastly, I have a prayer request for you all. Many of you know that I was in a car accident a year and half ago. I injured my left knee and neck. I am still suffering pain, stiffness and many sleepless nights from this. I have had many different types of treatments and nothing seems to give me long-lasting relief. My knee could be permanent and we are waiting on the insurance company to give permission for a pain therapy treatment on my neck. All this to say, that I am tiring of the pain, fatigue and limitations this has put on my family and myself! Please pray for total healing so I can function normally again! Thank-you!

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Many Blessings!

Our Mission

Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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