The Excitement of a Child!

Do you ever feel that as you get older you get more serious, more mundane, less spontaneous, less visionary?

Sometimes I feel that way! I see so much heartache around me. So many mistakes by birth mothers deserting their children or creating burdens that their children have to carry both here and abroad- it wears me down. 

That is one reason why I started Project Hope for the Children because I wanted to make a difference; why I became a foster parent. But sometimes I feel like I lose the joy beneath the day to day work that it all involves.

Then a little encouragement comes a long and I smile and marvel at the sweetness, the innocence and the spirit that I long to find again. 

My daughter, who is 5, is passionate about PHFTC. She has had a garage sale and a lemonade stand to fundraise for the Ministry. She has dug into her piggy bank and given me .75 because she knows the babies need it more than she. The other day, she bounded into the room beaming and excitedly told me that we needed to have a party for Project Hope! 

She said, "We needed to invite all the people we could and have them bring things that would help the babies out; we would collect lots of things and money and take them to the babies this year! What do you think, Mama?" 

At first, I was startled to hear her describe a modern day fundraising event, but her excitement and joy caused me to stop, smile and give thanks for all that PHFTC has accomplished, all the children we have reached and for the beautiful heart of service my daughter blesses the world and me with! Let a child encourage you today!

And who knows, maybe we will have a party this summer! Wanna come?

From the Heart,


Our Mission

Project Hope for the Children is a non-profit ministry that seeks to mobilize the generosity of donors to provide for the tangible needs of orphans, disadvantaged children, and at-risk families in Romania, Puerto Rico, and Beyond.

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